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About Us

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Here at Mohtra Health Clinic, we have been helping people to live life at its full for the last 50 years. Sexual problems are very common and they can ruin one’s personal and professional life if unchecked for a long period of time. We understand the issue better and provide the best solutions to the people who are in need.

Founded by Dr. K. P. Mohtra ( Mohtra Sahab ) 50 years ago, the clinic has earned noticeable popularity across the globe. We are here to listen to your problem and prescribe the best treatment needed to lead a sound sexual life.

People often feel shy to talk to the sexologist and try to keep everything secret from the outer world. This can only make one’s life miserable and prolonged sexual problems can invite severe mental disorders. With our more than 50 years long experience, we have proven that sexual problem is not a curse to human life and it can be treated with proper solutions.

Here at Mohtra Health Clinic, we consult with the patients and understand their situation before we prescribe anything for them. We have cured patients coming with sexual problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, infertility, loss of libido etc. At our clinic, we have helped couples to eliminate all frustrations and develop the confidence to welcome a new lease of life.

We are among the oldest clinics in the northern part of India and we have employed some of the most experienced sexologists who can help people seeking the solution for sexual disorders. Thus, if you are experiencing any sexual dysfunction, never hesitate to call us or visit our clinic for an instant solution. Our qualified doctors and counselors are always there to listen to your story and suggest you the best solution.

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