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Acidity Acute or Chronic Medicine

Acidity Acute or Chronic Medicine In Jammu

Acidity Acute or Chronic Medicine

Irritating and painful heartburn takes place when acid from our stomach leaks and flows up to the food tube. We call it acidity and it needs treatment if you want to get rid of it. If such issues are not diagnosed and treated on time, the issue can become severe and even lead to cancer.

Here at the Mohtra Health Clinic, we treat patients of acidity with proven solutions and help them to get rid of such irritating issues that can become severe if ignored for a long period of time. We have a team of doctors who can examine the condition and trace out the reason for such disorder before prescribing the solution.

Prolonged acidity acute can damage your esophagus and invite fatal diseases like cancer. Thus, if you really care for your good health and want to avoid serious health condition, you should contact us today for Acidity Acute or Chronic Medicine.

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