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Gas Medicine

Gas Medicine In Jammu

Gas Medicine

A lot of people suffer from digestive issues, gas and gas pain nowadays.  If you are also suffering from similar problems you should consult with a good specialist in your town.  It is essential to conduct a complete physical checkup and the doctor will prescribe the pills for you. Mohtra Health Clinic has acquired a good reputation over the years and they specialize in gas medicine in Jammu. Mohtra Health Clinic is situated at Jewel Chowk, Jammu and if you are thinking to consult a doctor regarding gas medications, you have come to the right place.

We are a group of professionals and we have gained the expertise throughout the years. You can get the best medications and the best checkup at an affordable price and if you are looking for the best health well being specialist in Jammu, you have visited the right place. For more assistance, please send us an email at  

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