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General Weakness Medicine

General Weakness Medicine In Jammu

General Weakness Medicine

General weakness is one of the most common health disorders, where people lose strength and complain about weakness throughout the body. A number of medical conditions are responsible for general weakness. If you are experiencing other issues like shortness of breath along with weakness, then it can be a case of asthma. In addition, poor heart condition can also lead to general weakness. Apart from this, diseases like thyroid, anaemia, flu, lack of sleep, depression, diabetes, deficiency of vitamin B-12 are some of the common reasons that can cause general weakness.

Here at Mohtra Health Clinic, we check patient’s present and past medical records to confirm the actual reason behind the disorder. We have helped hundreds of such patients in the past and in the recent time as well with our exclusive General Weakness Medicine that can give you safe and long-term solution.

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