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Leucorrhoea Treatment

Leucorrhoea Treatment In Jammu

Leucorrhoea Treatment

Leucorrhoea is a condition where a woman experiences an extreme discharge of a thick and sticky, yellow or white bad smelling thing from the vagina.  Usually, the condition is resulted from the unhygienic diet, impaired immune function, genital tract or something else and can lead you to develop various symptoms like lower abdominal pain, inflammation or pain in the legs, digestive disturbances, lack of concentration and others in future.  Usually, women tend to talk less about these symptoms and therefore it is hard to detect at times.

Mohtra Health Clinic is one of the reliable clinics for good sex doctor in Jammu and we have earned the trust with our quality patient care throughout the decades. The name of Dr. K.P. Mohtra is well known in the neighborhood and presently the clinic is run by his son Dr. Rahul Mohtra. We believe in quality treatment and we assure to provide the best treatment at the best price for you.

Mohtra Health Clinic

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