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Menstrual Regulator Medicine

Menstrual Regulator Medicine In Jammu

Menstrual Regulator Medicine

Natural, Non Hormonal menstrual regulator

“Timely and Proper occurrence of menstrual cycle is the key to good health”. Any irregularity like Amenorrhoea (absence of menstruation), Oligomenorrhoea (abnormally infrequent menstruation), Hypomenorrhoea (a deficient amount of menstrual flow at regular period), Dysmenorrhoea (difficult or painful menstruation) and Menorrhagia (excessive menstruation) can result in mental, physical and emotional disturbance.

Majority of women also suffer from Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), the symptoms of which are mood swings, food craving, fatigue, irritability and depression.

We at, Mohtra Health Clinic, Jammu & Kashmir one of the best clinic related to Menstrual Regulator Medicine in Jammu. So that our medicine can give the kind of satisfaction which you always wanted.

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