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Weak Lactation Medicine

Weak Lactation Medicine In Jammu

Weak Lactation Medicine

Low milk supply is a condition in which, a breastfeeding woman couldn’t produce the required amount of breast milk on a regular basis to meet the nutritional requirements of her baby. The condition is also known as agalactia, insufficient milk syndrome, lactation insufficiency, hypogalactia and others and it can seriously affect the health of your baby in the future. Modern medical science has discovered effective medicines for breastfeeding women who suffer from weak lactation and now you can get top-quality treatment at Mohtra Health Clinic.

We are at Mohtra Health Clinic specialize in female problems in Jammu and offer a wide range of treatments including effective antibiotic therapy, treatment with analgesics or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that are aimed to enhance the health of the patients. Decades of experience, a higher rate of success and patient-centric care are our ethics and if you are looking for the best weak lactation medicine in Jammu, you are at the right place.

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