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Weakness after Sex Treatment

Weakness after Sex Treatment In Jammu

Weakness after Sex Treatment

Sex is a vital part of our lives and a lot of people are there, who face different sexual problems with aging and weakness after sex is one of them. People get shy to share such problems and often ignore it. A large number of people lacks stamina and suffers from pain after having sex; moreover, it can lead you to loose-motion-like sensation or digestion issues in the future. If you or someone you know is facing similar issues, you should consult with a good sexologist in the town.

If you live nearby Jammu, you might have heard the name of Mohtra Health Clinic for being a leading provider of best sexology specialist in Jammu. The clinic is run by Dr. Rahul Mohtra, the son of Dr. K.P. Mohtra and we at Mohtra Health Clinic try to offer the best patient care to our clients. To know more about treatments, you can write to us at     

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