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White Discharge Treatment

White Discharge Treatment In Jammu

White Discharge Treatment

Vaginal discharge can be described as a normal function for the female reproductive system and it helps to clean the vagina stop infectivity in the future. The flow of fluid varies on the time of menstrual cycle and other factors, however, abnormal white discharge is not a usual thing and if you notice any unusual things, you should consult with a good sex specialist. Abnormal white discharge can result from post-surgical infection, pelvic inflammatory ailments, use of steroid or antibiotics, cervical cancer, birth control pills, sexually transmitted contamination, yeast infection, virginities, unprotected sex, and many others.

Our expert professionals at Mohtra Health Clinic aim to offer the best patient care for White Discharge Treatment in Jammu. We have gained the expertise over decades of services and we will conduct a complete physical checkup along with a pelvic checkup. We specialize in sex specialist and you can mail us at for any kind of assistance.

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