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Penile Size Enlargement Guaranteed: A Myth or Reality

Penile Size Enlargement Guaranteed: A Myth or Reality

Penile Size Enlargement Guaranteed: A Myth or Reality

One of the most asked questions about penile size enlargement to me in all these years is

Doc! Can you help me with my penile size enlargement?

Let's discuss this in detail!! The issue of penile size mainly resides in our psychology and scientifically the size of the penis does not have much impact when it comes to satisfying the intimate needs of your partner.

Penis size is one of the most terrorizing issues that the majority of men face throughout their life whether they accept it or not. If we go into the details about penis size: actually. The average Indian male penile size is approx about 5.1 inches +/_ 0.6 inches this average size measures penile size while fully erected contrary to what most men fantasize I.e. the resting penile size which is much lesser than this actual erected size value. This is because the penis is a muscular tissue and its growth/erection is proportional to the amount of blood flow it receives while stimulated otherwise remains in a resting state (size during resting state also varies).

But most sexologists claim guaranteed size enlargement. Does that mean they are falsely claiming?

Frankly speaking, no one can guarantee you anything in today's world, and if someone does then you must get cautious in dealing with that person as there is no way one can increase your penile size (resting size) permanently unless and until you are getting an implant done*.

Do you mean to say that there is no way to get a better size/erection?

Don't worry, in our center; we do have ways to improve the erected penile size and you can definitely get a better size/erection if the penile tissue gets improved blood flow and this can get you a better erected penile size both in girth and length. This can be achieved with the help of our expert sexologists and sexual supplements

Does penile size is the most important factor for sexually satisfying the partner?

As far as science goes, only the initial few inches of the vagina is sensitive enough to experience sexual pleasure and that much can be provided with a minimum length size also, the only criteria is; the penile erections should be firm enough so that both of you can achieve optimum intimate pleasure.

What if my penile size has suddenly decreased?

This is also one of the most common issues these days and the problem is the decreased blood flow to the penile musculature either due to weakness of nerves or due to stress, sedentary habits/ improper diet, lack of exercise, lifestyle diseases (diabetes, hypertension, hormonal imbalances, high altitude stay, etc.), alcohol, smoking, drug abuse, etc.

What is the solution?

The best answer to all the above questions is improvement in blood flow which is only possible when you work on the basics of bodily functions like:

  • Get a balanced diet
  • Get proper exercise
  • Adopt an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Switch to better nutrition
  • Avoid alcohol and other abuse

Visit a trained and experienced sexologist for proper diagnosis and time tested as well as result-oriented treatment.

Supplements like L-Arginine, Tongat Ali, Black Ginger, Maca Root, Zinc, Catuaba, Horny Goat Weed, Withania Somnifera which are a mixture of sexual food supplements formulated in a way to enhance blood flow to the penile area, correct hormonal imbalance, strengthens the nerves and meets most of the body's nutritional requirements giving you pleasurable and stress-free sex life.

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